Little Bit of a Blogging Break…sort of

I've backed way off of blogging, both writing and reading. There are a variety of reasons, some of which are good, others not so good.
I'm having a bit of difficulty settling into this semester's routine - the online class is too easy to put off doing. The fitness class (combined with my diet plan and being determined to break this plateau) is consuming a lot of time. I've walked over 12,000 steps two days in a row (which is time consuming), including 5 or 6 miles worth of Walk Away the Pounds.

After work stuff - doctor's appointment, class work, kid work.

  • Amanda is going to have to be enrolled in a public school this semester (or the government cuts off my widow's benefits) so we've been dealing with that. I'm not happy, but that's the way it has to be for right now. There are other options, but not many.
  • Doctor stuff - more upcoming. I'm getting to the point where my doctor used the "h" word (hysterectomy). I don't want that and I'm not at the point where having one is better than not having one. But we're doing a bone density test, ultrasound, etc.
  • Playing around too much. Tonight I need to get to business and I have a lot of after school running around to do.

On hold for next week - posting the last of "When a Baby Dies" - comparing and contrasting Arminian thinking and Reformed thinking.

I'm weighing in tomorrow morning...I think this will be a good week!

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5 thoughts on “Little Bit of a Blogging Break…sort of

  1. Hi Ellen,

    If you can find a few minutes, I'd love it if you could answer my reading survey. I'd love to know what books/authors you would recommend.

    No rush.

    Oh, and I've prayed for you this morning!

  2. I hope the weigh-in goes well. You sound as though you've been working really hard this week. I know that you're going to do great!

  3. Kim, I read it (but didn't have time to write) - it's something we should address (blog can be real time thiefs). Tuesday is the first time I'll really have time to write and I will.

    Gine - I lost a pound - that puts me at the lowest official weight at Weight Watchers. 😉

  4. Yay! That is great! I weigh in tomorrow afternoon. I did so well until last night. So, hopefully I haven't sabotaged my entire week! The results are often slower than we would like, but we're going to make it!

  5. I weighed in today. I lost 2.5 lbs. (But that is for two weeks since I didn't weigh in last week) I think I would've done better if I hadn't blown it this weekend!

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