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I weighed in last Friday morning and had lost 1 pound (puts me at the lowest official Weight Watchers weight). I splurged and bought (not the season pass) the 12 week Blue Cross discounted pass ($119 for 12 weeks). I also bought the new "eating out" guide and the new "every food out there" guide.

  • It will probably still cost me $10 a pound to lose weight (hopefully I'll get into a groove again but for right now I'm hoping for a pound a week average). The support of the meeting that I go to - sharing highs and lows, recipes, planning, etc. is what I like. I can get (and have and appreciate) accountability - it's the face to face support that I missed the couple of weeks that I didn't go.
  • The "Eating Out" guide is great. I bought a make up pouch that will hold all of my weight watchers stuff and the size is good. There are new restaurants, but my favorite coffee shop (Beaners) is still not in there. Also, there are some REALLY high points foods that are not included in some restaurants and if you want to use off of you flex points in one day, you'll have to research for yourself
  • The (every food out there) Food List is ok but I think in the long run it will be easier for me to research foods as I go along and put them on index cards to keep handy. Kashi cereal is in there, but no Kashi bars, which is what I eat.
  • Official update (resolutions and weight) will be coming up on Saturday.

On the home school front:

The federal government, in its "wisdom" has decided for me that once Amanda turned 18, she had to be enrolled full time in a "government approved" school - that doesn't include home school. She has not officially graduated so the college won't let her go full time. So, for the time being, she's enrolled in the high school in our "attendance area". I'm not happy about it, but she's okay with it (she gets to go to prom). They will take all of her college classes and give her credit for them and part of her homeschooling into consideration, but not all. She will be 1 semester class short (1/2 of a credit) of being "able" to graduate". One option is to let her finish the year at the public school and officially graduate her as a home schooler. Sending her back to school is my least favorite option, but I can't afford to turn my back on the money from my widow's annuity.

On the "products" front:

These are really (REALLY) good. Four sticks equal one point and they are so dark and rich, one stick at a time is plenty!

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