It Has a Day!!! (Today is the “official” Stop Cyberbullying Day)

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Yeah...If you do it, you know what it means. If it's been done to you (or to somebody you love), you know what it means. If you know somebody who as left the blogosphere because of "real life" intrusion, you know what it means.
Read about Kathy Sierry here. and here (CAUTION: this post tells a graphic story and uses graphic language and images). I've seen invitations to help participate in debates, "ganging up on" bloggers. I've seen people use other people's bloggers as a launching pad for their own beliefs (and I've done this before and have since made a commitment not to use blogs I disagree with for that purpose, unless debate is clearly invited). I've seen a lot of nastiness, but this is way over the line.

I have rules for my blog, I link to them in the sidebar.

Bullies are bullies are bullies, whether in "meat space", playground space, print or online. And they should be confronted wherever they are found.

this graphic (as well as the one in my meta section) courtesy of Scott McLeod.

Other resources:

(These are geared mostly for kids, but they're good resources)

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