End of March Weigh In

I am down 1.75 pounds this week.

I am down 10 pounds from where I was the last week in February.

I am down 21.25 pounds from where I was six months ago.

Last week I received my keychain for losing 10% of my original weight.

I am 3/4 of a pound away from getting my 25 pound award.

Next week is the "official" update week (the first week of each month) but I'm on travel and don't know how that's going to work (posting photos and measurements and all that).

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4 thoughts on “End of March Weigh In

  1. Hi Ellen!

    I've been reading you in the feed reader lately and just now saw your new banner! Very pretty!

    I'm proud of you with your commitment to weight loss! Care to share some of your will power?

    : )

  2. Thanks! I came to the conclusion that I'm not meant to have a 3-column layout, and I found this theme that I think is very pretty.

    I think that part of my success this time is the serious addition of exercise, the structure that weight watchers brings, finding a good ratio of fat/carb/protein (for me) and the constant encouragement of my "gentleman caller".

  3. Hi Ellen,
    I'm Ellen, too. I'm also a life-time WW gal. I weigh in once a month now. Congratulations on your weight loss. Doesn't it make you feel so good to take the extra baggage off?
    Well be encouraged!

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