Untitled DocumentThese are the Spanish words I'm currently working on (out of a box of 1,000). You have to understand - I really suck sour lemons at foreign languages.


I've got a couple of books that I'm going to be using and the box of 1,000 flashcards. Next fall I'm going to retake Spanish 1 (in preparation for Spanish 2) and I'll go through the text book and make my own flashcards using the vocab from the class.

Each day I start out with 20 words (this is the way I do most of my classes with memory work). I keep the cards and a small pencil with me and as I go through the words I put a tiny check on the ones I get right. The ones I get right go to the back of the deck and the ones I get wrong go 5 cards back. When a card has 3 checks on it, it gets taken out of the deck and replaced.

Here are my "words for the day" in English(Spanish)

Currently working numbers and clothing

  • cotton (algodon) (sorry, I don't know how to make the accent mark) (July 2, 2007)
  • cap (la gorra) (dang those double r's)
  • centimeter (el centimetro)
  • 100 (cien[to])
  • 13 (trece)
  • 71 (setenta y uno)
  • 4th (el/la cuarto/a)
  • 43 (cuarenta y tres)
  • 40 (cuarenta)
  • meter (el metro)
  • 32 (treinta y dos)
  • belt (el cinturon)
  • blouse (la blusa)
  • cheap (barato/a)
  • (hand)bag (la cartera)
  • boos (las botas)
  • bathing/swim suit (el traje de bano)
  • 19 (diecinueve)
  • coat (el abrigo)
  • bra (el sosten)

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