The Scoop on the Physical Stuff

Monday I had a "sonic histogram"

(there is TMI for the male-type readers, you may not want to click "more") First I had an ultrasound, then the doctor pumped my uterus full of saline solution (involved a dilation - ouch) and did another ultrasound.

I have both a fibroid tumor and a polyp, which is causing "volume issues". At least this was "immediate gratification" and I found out right away that there was nothing life-threatening or even very serious. If I want to keep my options open for another child (involves IVF), my options are limited. I can't get in for another month to have that discussion.

Last month I had a endometrial biopsy (avoid it if you can, it hurts) and this month I had this test (which I was told was not as bad as the biopsy - don't believe them if you are told this)

At any rate, I'll have a couple of decisions to make (which will be not mine alone). But except for the volume issue, I'm ok.

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