Terrorists In Michigan? (Yes)

The Feds have tied a charity in Dearborn, MI with Hizballah.

In a 2005 filing with the Internal Revenue Service, the Goodwill Charitable Organization said it helps the poor, not specifying whether the help is given at home or abroad.

But the Treasury Department said the group -- which has no connection with Goodwill Industries of Greater Detroit -- is the Dearborn arm of the Iranian Martyrs Foundation, a group with offices in Lebanon and elsewhere that the U.S. government said funds the designated terrorist groups Hezbollah, Hamas and Islamic Jihad and aids Palestinian suicide bombers and their families.

I guess it makes sense in a twisted sort of way - with the male earners in a family have murdered innocents and killed themselves in the process, the family would be left without a "breadwinner" - they'd be poor.

The Detroit area has one of the most concentrated population of Muslim in the United States.

I wrote about this a year ago (I linked to two news stories; one is no longer available, the other second one - from Ohio - is available. Hashem Sayed, Osma Sabhi Abulhassan, and Ali Houssaiky were in Ohio (at two different times) with many cell phones and (the second two) thousands of dollars. All three of these men were from Dearborn, MI.

According to the story, "The [the phones] are digital for detonating car bombs and they have a particular digital frequency and that's what they're using them for," said Sheriff Larry Mincks.

Mincks says the men also had instructions on how to obtain private flights and airplane passenger information.

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