Manda’s Big Day

It could have been such a disaster!

The plan was that we'd have Manda's graduation on the family campout (so Grandma and Grandpa could be there) and have cake, etc. right there. Simple, right?

No - not with our family....(read the story...)

The day before we left, Manda started being sad that her friends wouldn't be there. Sorry. We'd talked about it before and she seemed okay with it then, as long as we had another party later on (no problem!)

Next...the cake was in the trunk of the car and we put it on my sister's picnic table while we unpacked. Then we relaxed...then we went to bed. Then it rained. ;-(

closeup of the broken cake
You can see the crack in the frosting where the cardboard was heavy from being wet and it bent. The frosting was ok, but when we poked inside, it seemed like the cake was wet also. OH NOOOOOO!

We (Manda, Phil and I) went up to the camp office to ask if there was any store anywhere nearby where we could get an emergency replacement - YES! We called them and told them what happened and they said, "no problem - 2 hours"

Back at camp...we decided to take an "official" photo (just in case the replacement cake wasn't pretty) - you can tell how happy Manda was with the situation.

Another view of the broken cake

She was holding it that way to keep the crack in the frosting from separating...

At any rate, about that time, she decided that since we couldn't eat the cake, the frosting was still good...

and flowers make everything better...

So does cake...

Right out of the middle - the good part...

To be continued...

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