Daily Archives: August 8, 2007


Thanks to Angela.

The men formed a circle in the middle of the floor and few of them began playing musical instruments in a rhythmical beat. Then, they sang and recited prayers. Their prayers were different from the traditional Sunni prayers. But of course women were excluded from the prayers, as it is with Sunni Muslims as well. The singing and music went on for about an hour when finally the men began to spin around the room. If you’ve ever seen pictures of “whirling dervishes”, this is exactly what they were doing. As a part of their worship, they whirl around, arms outstretched until they reach a trance like state. In this state, they can twirl for hours on end. And this is exactly what they did! By the end of the service, I had a pounding headache. And I couldn’t wait to get out of there! The feeling of oppression was thick in the air and all of us in the group knew that these poor men were under the control of Satan. Our hearts broke for those men.

Here is a youtube video (embedding it messed with my template...)