Daily Archives: August 20, 2007

Ah yes. Tomorrow is the day that we go get college text books (I'm taking Education Psychology and Spanish 1 - again)

I should be getting my new camera (prep for next week) and I'd better be getting my new backpack (also prep)

Possibly on Tuesday (or maybe even Monday night depending on what else happens) we may head over to the "big lake" (Michigan) and sit on the beach for a day (and take the camper and spend the night!

Sunday is the fun trip. I'm getting the new backpack because we're heading up to South Manitou Island for a couple of nights. This involves carrying everything we'll need for a three-day, two-night trip. I desperately want to keep my pack under 35 pounds, thus the desire (not need) for a new, smaller, lighter camera - and pack. There's water on the island, so we don't have to pack gallons of it. But Amanda refuses to share a tent with me, so we each have to carry our own tent (5 pounds down). And the pack is 3.5 pounds. Sleeping bag is 4 pounds. That's nearly 15. Add water, clothing, food, water, first aid kit, etc., etc...

Here's the list so far

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