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Ok...my computer is running slow and so is my brain. I reread Chapter 2 and it was listening to Charlie Brown's teacher.

However...Chapter 2 is..."If It Ain't Broke..." (I'm editing and publishing as I go...there's a thunderstorm rolling in and I don't want to lose my work if the lights go out!)
White points out that there are two extremes in Christianity -

  • "change for the sake of change" - if it's old it can't be good.
  • "if it ain't broke, don't fix it" - if it's new it can't be good.

There's a middle road that chooses to examine things for what they are - not because they're old or new. Tradition is not Scripture; we are not to seek "new truths" that take us beyond Scripture, which is sufficient. But we are not to be so attached to traditions, to "we've always done it this way" that we are unwilling to change/improve/grow.

It does seem that over the last few years (relatively speaking) that there have been perhaps too many translations made available.

(I'm not counting normal gear...most is already packed)
1. My dental appliance (or my kids will want to sleep on the other side of the island!2. Advil. For sure.

3. Extra card for my digital camera...

4. Extra battery pack for my digital camera...

5. Digital camera.

6. Contact case/solution/glasses

7. Cell phone (last time we were on this island, I got a signal from Wisconsin)

8. Swim suit

9. More batteries than I think I need. All of the flashlights, Tom's camera and Amanda's CD player all use AA's.

10. iPod. With sermons

11. Don't forget the headphones

12. coffee - instant and the bags kind

13...great attitude!

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