Daily Archives: April 15, 2008

You know how every once in a while you have a research paper due (that isn't quite printed yet)...and you have an exam coming up...and you have paperwork to do...and...and...and...you just didn't plan life quite right and now you're just a little behind and it just caught up in a not very urgent, but rather annoying way?

And then God says...here.

I had a flat tire this morning. And so I am taking an unplanned day off (because I couldn't get the tire off, but Tom did so he's changing it but in his own time on the way to class) and since by the time I get to work it will be halfway through the day...I'm just going to get my Spanish AND my literature work caught up.

Yes, I'm burning the remainder of my comp time - but that's ok. This is what it's there for.

Thank God for flat tires (sometimes) 😉

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If we look at a “disorder” and call it “normal”, then we fail to support a child’s true need for support and assistance, if truly needed. However, if we look at behavior which is actually normal for a child and call it a “disorder”, then we instill in the child (many times from a very early age) a belief that there is something “wrong” with her; there is something wrong that cannot be “fixed”, or that must be fixed with drugs.

Is there an alternative to labeling a young child with a mental disorder? Is it possible that “Attention Deficit Disorder” [2] is not a “disorder”, but rather something more natural, a remnant of necessary skills that brings not only challenges, but a skills set that may be seen as helpful in certain circumstances?

Read the rest...(this is the only thing that we were graded on and I got an "A")