Daily Archives: April 11, 2008

Phil and I got copies of this book and I've read the first essay three times - once breezed through, then paragraph by paragraph, and then with a highlighter.

I think that this book will be a deep, satisfying and challenging read.

And...okay. The book was a mistake.

But...WOW...You will be reading more.

(we actually meant to get ...by Helmut Richard Niebuhr. Reinhold's brother.

I cannot imagine being the parents of these two! Imagine the dinner conversations!


I tested negative for a peanut allergy...and yet have a very clear allergic reaction. I also tested VERY positive to a number of molds. Is this why? Is this also why I sometimes have the same reaction to wheat? Less often (but it happens) to tree nuts?

Peanut allergy is nearly always an allergy to the mold aflatoxin-as the name implies, a toxin from mold. Plenty of natural substances are toxic. From the USDA Web site (http://snurl.com/36ne): "Aflatoxin is a naturally occurring mycotoxin produced by two types of mold: aspergillus flavus and aspergillus parasiticus." Aflatoxin damages the liver, in both Eastern and Western medical terms, and is a potent carcinogen (something known to cause cancer). This mold is found primarily on peanuts, corn, wheat, soy, tree nuts, oil seeds and sorghum. Aflatoxin is sometimes measurable in milk excreted by cows fed with moldy feed.

I don't know...