Very Impressed

I have a good dog.

He's made a couple of "mistakes" in the house, but it was while I was sick and I had not learned to listen to his "language" yet.

He got off the leash in the yard one day and came and waited by the door instead of wandering off.

He's never jumped up on my lap, but today he did, over and over...until I showed him Henry's dish so he could make sure that the cat didn't have food (Toby only gets a prescribed amount because I bought really premium food until his coat comes back and it's pretty calorie rich)

His tail wags all the time.  Well, except when I found his mistakes...or when he goes to his "room" for the night ( large dog crate).  But now that he knows that I'll come back and let him out, he takes a treat and goes in by himself.

He stays right by me most of the time or wanders into the hall to lay on a blanket I put down for him.

Henry...doesn't like the dog - at least they're not "buddies" yet - but tolerates him very well.  The cat does not mope around like he did before I got the dog - he's not as clingy with me.

The problem is that the cat is now spending more time on my computer than I am (literally).  He's been sleeping on the keyboard.  One morning, he was apparently sitting on the F9 key and when i got up there were 137 help windows open.  He also opened outlook - my apologies to whoever he sent the email to.

(and I'm not mentioning food, because this is not the "what my cat had for breakfast" post - other than his insulin.)

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