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At least trying to come back.

Oh!  the class I'm in is so much fun!  I was not real excited at the beginning of the year, but it's really, really good.

I'm back to weight watchers.  Been doing low carb, but "feel" healthier on WW.  Plus, they've revamped everything and most fruits are "free" - fruit is what I miss on low carb.  So away I go.

Reading "The Roots of Obama's Rage" - it's more psychological than political, but if the author is correct, it's going to get ugly.

Still reading "50People Every Christian Should Know."

Tom will be home on Wednesday.  Life goes on.

At some point I'll get "official" on Thursday 13 again...but for now...

13 "baby steps" - goals that I won't meet, but that are good enough to try for

  1. drink all my water
  2. take my supplements half the time
  3. exercise a little every day (almost)
  4. remember moisturizer during the day
  5. take a "beauty rest" (nap) twice a week
  6. blog 30 posts each month
  7. read my Bible every day
  8. knit a little every day
  9. read a little every day
  10. eat 7 fruits and veggies every day
  11. drink green tea every day
  12. listen to music every day
  13. enjoy life every day