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A couple of days were an exercise no-go.  Shoot one day was a "I-don't-want-to-move" day - a migraine yesterday had me moving between office and bed all day, with a couple of excursions downstairs for food.  (I have an electric water-heater-pot and a coffee press - the best way to make coffee - in my office and that's where my 1/2 bath is...so unless I want food I don't have to leave my bedroom/office area.)


I lost 3-1/4 pounds - the first loss in many weeks.

The secret?  Lower carb, higher fat - but still following Weight Watchers points.  Because of thyroid and PCOS, the needs my body needs are a little different, but I still will not lose while not restricting calories.  I went to a naturopath who did NOT give me a formula, but gave me guidelines with which to make my own formula (for those who need formulas)

- 50% of my calories from fat (with the majority coming from "healthy" fat - monounsaturated) - and the fat in eggs (while saturated) is okay so even eggs are unlimited.
- 50% of the volume on my plate coming from fresh or lightly steamed fruits and vegetables

- Take my weight in pounds and eat half that many grams of protein

- The rest of my calories in complex carbs (but never wheat or dairy)

- no wheat or dairy (but I can "cheat" with kefir and yogurt)

- lots of water...half my weight in ounces

There is no limitation on calories...the lower carb, higher protein and healthy fat makes my body burn it differently - thermogenic.  The drain yesterday may have been from the shift in my body, but I am eating enough carbs for fuel.  The fat and protein guidelines make me put the emphasis on not wasting the complex carbs on "stuff".
What I know is that this works and (knowing from the past how I do even as low as Atkins) my body feels better.


(sigh)...Here is the list of food restrictions (allergy and otherwise)

- dairy

- peanuts (due to a mold allergy giving me asthma attacks)

- potatoes, eggplants (off the table) and limited tomatoes and green peppers; these are nightshade plants and they cause - in me (YMMV) joint pain)

- wheat


Another new blog for me!

I set up a little blog just for recipes - most of them have a combination of low-cal, moderate carb.

MzEllen Cooks (sometimes).  (I rarely cook in the summer...my son takes over with the grill.)

And here's a recipe:  Fast and Easy Chicken in Salsa with Zucchini.

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Adventures in changing your mind...

The book I'm reading first is "NLP: The New Technology of Achievement"

Chapter 1: "Changing Your Mind"

- point: we cannot NOT change. We are constantly changing, whether we are trying (and liking) a new food, moving away from an unhealthy friend or habit, or learning a new hobby.

The book says, "Pain is a sign that it is time to change."

My thought: every pain, no matter how small or minor, is like a corner in the road. You can keep going (and maybe practicing a better technique for "driving"), or you can choose to take one of the directions that the corner might take you. Choose a direction; there are many!

The Diet Connection:

Do I like the way my body feels when I treat it right? How do I feel when I do NOT treat it right?

- Nightshade plants. I know that I can eat 3 (three) french fries and my hips tighten up and hurt. I can choose to eat them or not - but over the years it has become easier for my brain to connect the pain to the eating of this food-family (potatoes are the worst for me)

- I am beginning the process with peanuts and possibly a couple of other foods. Do I like peanut butter (or certain foods with peanut butter) enough to put up with the coughing? Or am I willing to teach my brain to connect the pain of the cough and breathing difficulties with the eating of peanuts?

- and the rest of the diet...how does my body feel when I am eating and exercising right? Am I willing to keep a detailed food and beverage log for a time so that I can connect the feelings with the actions? (My "gut" tells me that if I spend a day without drinking "enough" water, I feel lethargic and night)