Unity at What Price?

I am very disappointed in my church. After (what I thought was) a good meeting with my pastor, I get this letter from the youth ministries, telling us that our teens are going to be working with, staying with and worshipping with "Full-Gospel, Five-fold Ministry, Oneness Apostolic Anti-trinitarians."

The letter reads:

This fall we heard from our students a desire to help serve the people in the hurricane devastated Gulf Coast. Students wanted to do something, but didn't know what that would be.

Earlier this fall we began to pray about taking students to the Gulf Coast over spring break. Leaders and students were excited about this option and we connected with an organization called National Relief Network to make arrangements for work projects.

During the fall, Sunshine Church built a relationship with Firehouse Ministries in New Orleans. Several groups from our church have been able to clean and rebuild that church. Firehouse now stands as a lighthouse in their devastated neighborhood.

We are excited about the relationship that Sunshine has built with Firehouse and we are excited to announce that we have changed our plans and will now be working and staying at Firehouse Ministries.

THE PLAN...Sunday we will worship at Firehouse...

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8 thoughts on “Unity at What Price?

  1. Milly

    I'm sorry to read that. We both know how important is to help people of all faiths. I too would have a problem with my children being in this situation. I also see that I need to ask more questions of my son mission trip.

    Prayers are with you.

  2. Thanks for your prayers - I'm speaking with the youth pastor tonight, armed with the essay I wrote a few weeks ago (do you think I'll be in trouble if they find my blog? Actually, I've been pretty open about it and a few folks have the address)

  3. MIlly

    As long as you are speaking from your heart and being honest it doesn't matter. I don't think you're trying to provoke them you have a right to this blog. I haven't started one myself because I haven't taken the time to investagate them, I want low mantaince. I know others have had them and used them to hurt people. I don't feel that you are doing that you've stated what you feel and what is going on. How do your children feel about a change in churches? What are the elders doing about this issue? Are they on board? I know in my church some would think it's great some would hate it. I'd be where you are. Again you have my prayers.

  4. "Full-Gospel, Five-fold Ministry, Oneness Apostolic Anti-trinitarians."

    Now, that's a mouthful!

    I think you have a right to be concerned, especially after the discussion you had with your pastor.

  5. Milly

    I pray all went well for you. I had an issue with someone last night myself. Yours is bigger.

    Praying for peace in these issues.

  6. I don't know how the elders feel - for the most part they are charismatic (not Pentecostal).

    anyway, thanks - I think that all this is not going to make a difference

  7. I would start looking for another church. There seems to be a lack of spiritual discernment among your elders. I would not want to put myself under them.

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