Sunset in Winter

I took these last night, just to see what my new digital camera could do at sunset.

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6 thoughts on “Sunset in Winter

  1. I think He did paint it.

    (looking for snow here, too. The ice storm cometh...hopefully a snow day as well!)

    thanks on the photography. A dear friend sent me a new digital camera and this the first time I took scenery photos with it.


  2. Milly...

    It's 7 here. Negative 7 windchill.

    You can have that too...

    We had a little ice storm - that's beautiful. All of the trees look like fiber optic trees.

  3. Milly

    Love it when we don't have to go out. My kids are out of school for two days. We can just snuggle in and watch the sleet.

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