Hell with a Squirtgun

My daughter and I went to "youth night" at church and we worshipped together in "her" setting.

The speaker was a little nutty, but good. At one point he broke people into four basic groups (we all fit into all four groups once in a while)

1) VIP's (very impactful people)
2) VTP's (very teachable people)
3) VNP's (very nice people)
4) VDP's (very draining people)

The two that struck me over so many "controversies" are #1 and #3.

There are a few folks out there who are VIP's who are ready to take on hell with a squirtgun.

Then there are the VNP's who say, "I'll bring the cookies."

The ones who are exhort others to at least acknowledge the battle, "Come'on! Hell's creeping in on us. Go get your sqirtgun!" And the ones who exhort, "please-can't-we-all-just-get-along!"

Which would you rather be?
(VNP can also be "Very Non-Productive)

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