Here’s Something I Already Knew

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My son was born at 32 weeks gestation. I watched the "heel pricks", the IV's, the gavage tubes. I said then that babies that little feel pain.

There is a place where we need to go with this information.

The nervous system development of babies is the same whether they are at 32 weeks gestation (inside the womb) or at 32 weeks gestation (and about to be born) or at 32 weeks gestation (and just been born).

They all feel pain.

"Partial birth abortion" is about the most barbaric way for an unborn baby to die. And they can't say anymore that they don't feel pain.

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2 thoughts on “Here’s Something I Already Knew

  1. I was told in the NICU a day or two after our son was born that he didn't feel pain to the degree we did. He was screaming from the heel pricks. I didn't believe it then. That was probably the moment I learned to quit believing everyting an "expert" said.

  2. I remember one night, I woke up right in the middle of the night and felt like I had to call the hospital. The nurse I talked to said that Tom had been crying a lot. I drove down to just sit with him and straighted the little knit cap like they gave all the preemies - gee whiz! they had managed to fold his ears over. You know what it feels like when you wear a hat with your ears folded down (if you don't, try it). I fixed the cap and he quit crying.

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