Letter from the clerk…

basically, the clerk for the board of elders says that my letter will be read at the board meeting next Tuesday. He'll get back with me after that.

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One thought on “Letter from the clerk…

  1. What a carefully articulated letter.

    At first, I was not a sympathetic reader. That bit about rebuilding a NO church? I mean, come on, everyone is helping out NO, no questions asked. I wondered what could be so wrong in that.

    Then, I came to see the problem with these ministers preaching at your (old) church. I mean, those sorts of things go far beyond the pale: the dreams, the appeals to unity and cooperation, the claims of (divinely-vested?) authority of the pastorate. Am I hearing you correctly? Perhaps I read too much into your charges.

    In short, I hadn't any idea there was so much risk involved in churchgoing!

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