My Weekend…

I spent the weekend at my mom and dad's house (on the other side of the state from me); as usual, good stuff and not so good stuff.  (Mostly good stuff).

Neither my mom or dad are doing so great physically.  They're doing "ok" - Mom is looking forward to two knee replacements (numbers 4 and 5) and my dad is diabetic with heart problems.

Those "little" things aside, they're planning a three day trip to Mackinac, leaving at 7:00 tomorrow morning with my dad's two sisters and my cousin.  They'll be spending Wednesday on the island.  I hope they're planning on renting a carriage (motor vehicles not allowed) - three of the five can't ride bikes and two of them can't walk (at least very far)!  But they will have fun.

Saturday was spent with my sister and brother and their families (along with Mom and Dad).  It was a good day.  I am the farthest removed (geographically) and I can feel cut off from my family; it was good to get together.

It's the "little" things that I remember.  My kids had a "sword fight" with cat tails...all that fuzz...everywhere.  About 100 Canada geese spent the night in the field across the road...and my dad and Manda had to go "visit".  We went to a nearby gravel pit and the kids did some target shooting.

At this point, my kids are used to the city (walking to McDonald's), and get bored in the country (driving 12 miles to get to anywhere).   Work and school start tomorrow and we're (mostly) ready.

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