I got the job…

I start in a new position on September 25 (the start of a pay period).  Same school district, same pay scale, different "title".

I will be an "employment training specialist" - and it's just like it sounds.  I'll be working with impaired people, helping prepare them for jobs.  The age range is upper high school age up to age 26, although I've been told that I'll be working with mostly 16-21 year olds.

I've done something very similar to this before and I really enjoyed it.  The new school is "off campus" (the main building shares a parking lot with the school I'm currently at, but the new job site is away from campus and closer to bus lines, jobs and recreation opportunities.

The new job site is also four or five minutes away from my house.

I'm really torn because I love the placement I'm currently at...but I think I'll love the new one even more.


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