I’m crashing a meme

The Windows install is on hold (just for a little while until my son can grab some music off of the hard drive (it's been there for years and we haven't shared this computer for 2 years - so he had forgotten about it. A couple of the local bands have broken up so he really wants the music.

In the meantime I found a meme...The rules? Simple, she posed 5 random questions for 5 different bloggers who answer them and come up w/ 5 new random questions for 5 more lucky people….and so the cycle of the meme continues on and on! Thanks, Angie. I hope I can come up with 5 questions to pass along…

(This is from another Ellen)

1. God has decided to send you on a Mission trip, where are you going and why?

- Mexico. I really, really want to learn how to speak Spanish.

2. You have a free afternoon to read uninterrupted. Where would you choose to read?

- I'm going to pick more than one. My Bible (ESV), "Old Testament Times" and "Read and Think Spanish" (see below).

3. You get to choose where your kids will go to college, money and grades are not an issue. Where would you want them to go and why? If you don’t have kids where would you have wanted to go to college if money and grades were not an issue?

- Calvin College - solid, Reformed teaching (but not on the overly- conservative "truly reformed" ilk)

4. If you were stuck in an elevator for over an hour what music would you want playing while you were stuck?

- symphonic orchestral
5. You have to travel from the west coast to the east coast of your country, what 5 cities would you want to spend time in?

- My kids and I did drive from Michigan to the west coast! But from west to east

  • San Francisco, CA
  • Denver, CO
  • St. Louis, MO
  • Niagara Fall, NY
  • Bar Harbor, ME

I have such a small blog that maybe some will play, maybe not.  Moonshadow, Iris, Carrie, Elena 😉 and "anon".  I have more readers than commenters so I don't know who you are.
My questions:

  1. If time and money were not an issue, what 5 national parks would you spend time in?
  2. What sport do you most want to try?
  3. What one "thing" (inanimate object) would you find hardest to give up?
  4. What is your favorite beverage?  Why?
  5. Describe your favorite pair of shoes.  Why are they your favorite?
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3 thoughts on “I’m crashing a meme

  1. I'm so happy you crashed the party! I have some friends that went to Calvin and speak highly of it. Nice to meet another ellen!

  2. Better to crash a meme than a hard disk, that's what I always say.

    I'd rather answer the questions that the "other Ellen" gave, like I want my kids to go to Princeton! 🙂 ... but mine's up.

  3. Hmmm. I'm moving my blog so I don't want to put up the meme.

    1. No clue.
    2. None. I'm not the sports type.
    3. My computer?
    4. Diet Coke. Why? Not sure.
    5. I don't have a favorite pair. I not a shoe person.

    How is that for dull!

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