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I don't watch TV, so all I know is what others have told me...

How much has the United States mainstream media covered the story on the Korean Christians that the Taliban are holding? I've heard - not much.

What I did not know before this is that Korea is second only to the United States in the number of Christian missionaries that are sent out of the county. 16,000 of them. Seven South Korean missionies have been captured in Iraq since 2003 - and the Christians keep going out, even under threat of death.

They are willing to die in order to spread the Gospel - and some have died.

One article I read pointed out that both the Koreans and the Taliban are convinced that they are on a mission from God. The difference is that Christians' mission is to spread the Gospel (although in times past it appears that was secondary to wealth), the Taliban's mission is to convert people - or kill them.

All over the world, there are Christians who are in danger of death, torture, loss of loved ones or property, loss of jobs and health. Yes, we are mocked once in a while - I've been hated and falsely accused of hatred. But I am not in the same league as the truly persecuted.

The persecution in other countries is growing. More and more stories are coming out. To put myself in the same category of "persecuted" trivializes the truly persecuted.

The Koreans, the Taliban is threatening to kill more of them.

These are the truly persecuted.

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