On This Day in History (8/24/1816)

Daniel Gooch was born...I have that stamp.

(I'm starting a new series - I dug out my husband's old stamp collection, not realizing that there are some very cool (and potentially valuable) stamps. So I took photos and some of them will be great blog fodder.

If anybody want to buy a stamp...

English, laid the first successful transatlantic cables. Sir Daniel Gooch was an English railway pioneer and inventor who was trained in George Stephenson & Edward Pease's works at Newcastle upon Tyne. He was locomotive superintendent of Great Western Railway for 27 years, where as Brunel's right-hand man, he designed the best broad-gauge engines and invented "the suspended link motion with the shifting radius link" in 1843. Gooch also experimented with a dynamometer carriage. In 1864 he resigned to concentrate on developing telegraphic communication. Sir Daniel Gooch and his son Charles, were the engineers who laid the first Atlantic Cable from the steamship The Great Eastern. Daniel became member of Parliment. Died October 15, 1889.

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