Lunes Linkage 8/27/07

There may a couple more...but I'm backpacking in the wilderness today...

Where I am today...South Manitou Island.

A new page on my website (The Page of Pages)...along with my latest photos from Meijer Garden.

"Before You Convert to Roman Catholicism...(Top Ten List)" from Reformation Theoiogy

Thinklings Bird's new blog, "Mind's Eye"

From - their take on Malachi 2:16.

"Difficulties with Roman Catholicism" - from 1829. HT Beggers All.

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2 thoughts on “Lunes Linkage 8/27/07

  1. While you are certainly welcome to do that on your own blog, I'm comfortable with the idea God's Word as God's Word without adding in tradition of man/Rome.


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