Photo Hunt: Twisted

(This is a sculpture at Meijer Garden - the artist is Dale Chihuly) This is all "blown" glass - VERY AMAZING

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47 thoughts on “Photo Hunt: Twisted

  1. Now you deserve the gold star award for this week's photo. This is the best one by far. Wonderful work of art and perfect for twisty. Have a great weekend.

  2. So, it wasn't until you, and several other commenters, mentioned Dale Chihuly that I went and researched who the artist was for the sculpture I posted for "Twisted"...and you were right, it was him as well. No wonder both mine and yours are eerily similar!

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  4. Great pic of twisted! Am new to photohunt and twisted is my first set. Please do check it out if you are free. Thanks. CY.

  5. Congrats on being this week's site. Chihuly's glassworks are incredible - there's a great PBS special on how he and a crew of assistants manage to create these pieces.

  6. Heard of Dale Chihuly only a few weeks ago when the photohunt theme was glass. Great artist. He made lovely things and if he ever exhibits in Holland I will try to go and see for myself.
    Your entry for twisted is really amazing!

  7. Thank you! (and today is the day I don't have one up...on travel to Mom's house...)

    😉 I am really excited that I'm the site of the week!

  8. When I first looked at your photo I tought it was a huge bunch of garlic. It's amazing how Chihuly can make this art out of glass. I've seen his work at the Belagio Hotel. The entire lobby ceiling is beautiful colorful glass.
    Great take on the theme.

  9. Wow! That is amazing! I wonder how they get it all together without breaking parts of it. Wonderful choice for twisted. Congrats on the "site of the day" selection.

  10. THAT is awesome!!! I LOVE it! At first I thought it was hanging garlics - but I was wondering WHAT caused those awesome curls and twists! NOW, of course, I understand! VERY COOL!!!

  11. Gorgeous! I love art and this is definitely beautiful!

    I'm late in my reading and posting.I missed out on this theme, but I love your post.

    Great pick for this week's theme!

  12. Hi, very interesting glass artwork. Really fits the theme nicely. although i have no entry for this specific theme, i however participate the 13 photohunt.

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