“Someday Questions” (3 and 4)

3 - Does "LTR" mean "long term relationship" or "life time relationship"?

I don't know how to give my love for just a little while.  I'll be looking for "til death do us part".

4 - define "faithful"

Faithful means:   When I think of love, I only think of one person.  I'm not interested in finding more than what I have.

One person's heart belongs entirely to the other.

If you have a history of a pattern of the things below, please examine yourself carefully.  A man once told me "there are men who have cheated...and then there are cheaters".  You should know which one you are before you make another person love you.

  • No "looking" with the intent of finding a new relationship.
  • no public profiles with "looking for..." in therm
  • No "poking",
  • no flirts, on list or not
  • no behind the scene chatting.
  • no having coffee
  • no browsing profiles
  • no dating on the side
  • no movies, dinners, shopping expeditions.
  • no sleepovers
  • no physical contact (kisses, long hugs on the couch, "sexual" activity, and (of course) the biggie...don't have sex with another person.

These are all physical things that reflect the heart.  If your heart is not committed to faithfulness, don't bother me.

I don't have a problem with female "friends" on forums, but I would not have a problem with my "other" screening male friends for me (meaning "friending" them before I approve them) and it would be nice if that went both ways.

I know that I intend to be a woman of integrity, both as part of a couple and as a single woman looking.  My commitment is that I will not "friend" a man without having his woman on board with it first.

As a woman on integrity, I intend to ask if a man is free of entanglements BEFORE any chatting takes place.

Faithfulness is a hard limit...If you won't commit to that with me, leave now.

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