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At first I thought the optical eye needed cleaning or something.

Now I think the "clicker" went bad - it doesn't "grab" text.  That will annoy me later one.  For now I can happily use the pad on my laptop to copy and paste.  When I start writing for school, it will get frustrating to move back and forth from laptop to keyboard.

So, I'll drop one in my Amazon cart and when I get paid, I'll order one.  I also have a second DVD player in there to use upstairs (to exercise to).


I'm listening to  a Village Church podcast from November...two weeks before Matt Chandler announced his tumor.

He mentions cancer several times throughout the sermon; the world thinks that if we disobey the law, God will send us cancer and he dispels that understanding.

He says that "in the forty years I'm going to have with you..."  Did he somehow know?

Yesterday I read that Michael Spencer has cancer.

And another...I read this morning that Michele's ovarian cancer is back.

A man in his 30's and a man in his 50's, a woman in her 40's

Life comes with no guarantees.  Find love, hold on tight.

I am certainly in a very different place than I was a year ago.  Oh my....how different.

I usually set a few goals (only to have them fall aside pretty early.

Yesterday I watched Harry Potter (the first one) for the first time.  Harry was looking into that mirror, in which he saw his parents (who had been killed when he was a baby)

The headmaster came up behind him and told him that men had wasted their lives staring into that mirror...gone mad even.  It showed their deepest desires.

"It will not do to dwell on the dream...and forget to live"

My goal for this coming year is to not forget to live.  I'm not going to wait around for life to change for me...I could waste my life waiting for that change.

  • I've signed up for 2 classes (the Philosophy of Religion and Orientation to Deafness) - both are book classes, not art classes so I think I'll be good.
  • See an academic counselor about transferring my credits to Grand Valley.
  • Be outdoors more, enjoy creation.
  • Cut my blogroll down and spend less time on line
  • Remember my books and crafts

Enjoy the life that God has for me right now.

There's more...

When the kids lived here the living room was "theirs" - they watched tv and played video games and if what they were watching didn't appeal to me (most of the time) I stayed in my office or bedroom and watched tv there or played on the computer.

Now...the whole house is mine and I'm going to use it.  I changed the furniture around in the living room, got a new reading lamp and (darn it) I'm going to enjoy my house.  I'm going to learn how to use the DVD player on the big TV.

I'm going to read in my big comfy couch.

Above all...I need to shake this depression that grips me...the loss.  Stagnation sucks - depression sucks worse.

I was a little concerned that the dog would get over protective with Tom around for the first time since Toby came to live with me.


The dog seems to like Tom better than he likes me...he follows him around, climbs up on the couch next to him, hangs around him.

Appears to have abandoned me...

It may be that his previous owner was a man, so he sees Tom as that "guy figure".

Anyway, they get along.

I have a good dog.

He's made a couple of "mistakes" in the house, but it was while I was sick and I had not learned to listen to his "language" yet.

He got off the leash in the yard one day and came and waited by the door instead of wandering off.

He's never jumped up on my lap, but today he did, over and over...until I showed him Henry's dish so he could make sure that the cat didn't have food (Toby only gets a prescribed amount because I bought really premium food until his coat comes back and it's pretty calorie rich)

His tail wags all the time.  Well, except when I found his mistakes...or when he goes to his "room" for the night ( large dog crate).  But now that he knows that I'll come back and let him out, he takes a treat and goes in by himself.

He stays right by me most of the time or wanders into the hall to lay on a blanket I put down for him.

Henry...doesn't like the dog - at least they're not "buddies" yet - but tolerates him very well.  The cat does not mope around like he did before I got the dog - he's not as clingy with me.

The problem is that the cat is now spending more time on my computer than I am (literally).  He's been sleeping on the keyboard.  One morning, he was apparently sitting on the F9 key and when i got up there were 137 help windows open.  He also opened outlook - my apologies to whoever he sent the email to.

(and I'm not mentioning food, because this is not the "what my cat had for breakfast" post - other than his insulin.)

Several things have happened...

In my attempt to be pound my "singleness" into my brain and in that hurt, I put way too many distractions on my plate for this semester.

I've been sick and not doing much of anything.

So...I've dropped classes (even the fun one, although I may revisit that one next semester) and now that I'm feeling "better" (which is a very relative thing)

I'm committing to getting back into blogging and being active in my "normal" haunts.

I'm seriously considering dropping the drawing class.

I'm enjoying the challenge and I like the work that I'm doing.

But I'm overwhelmed and not doing well.  I'm behind everywhere.  I may drop the class now, finish well in Art for the Elementary Classroom and pick up the drawing again in January.

I need to decide quickly (this weekend).