“Formulizing” the Lord’s Prayer

Blogging on Sunday's Sermon, the Lord's Prayer. I'm not one to see the real value on "formulizing" everything, but here goes...

From Luke 11:1-13

Let's "formulize" the Lord's Prayer into six "C's".

"Connect" - Father...
- tells us that we are close to the Father, but He is over us as a Provider who lavishes love on His family.

"Confess" - Hallowed be Your Name...
- tells us that God is holy and just (using the Biblical definition of "confess" - say the same as)

"Command" - Your kingdom come...
- Here's where it seems a little "word of faith-ish". I was at my dad's church just before a hurricane hit and the pastor "claimed authority over the storm and commanded it to change course.

"Collection" - Give us each day our daily bread...
Like the Israelites in the desert with their manna each day. Manna means "What is it?" and when we trust God for our needs, sometimes we get something that is not exactly what we're familiar with; but God does provide our needs.

"Cancelling" - Forgive us our sins, for we also forgive everyone who sins against us...
- keep a short accounts of debts.

"Conquering" - And lead us not into temptation...
we all have habits to change and sin/old nature to leave behind.

There you have it - the "formula" of the Lord's Prayer.

The rest of the passage deals with "Midnight Methods" - the persistent "bothering" of the neighbor for food. The sermons notes:
- when faced with an unexpected situation
- pray with boldness and persistence
- prevail over resistance
- be bold with shameless audacity
- and press through (be a pitfall)

The third point of the sermon is to know the character of the God to Whom we come.

God is the giver of good gifts, the One who provides, God my healer, the source of my faith and salvation.

That part is right...

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