I’m a Proud Mom

I'm proud of my daughter (although the spelling is a little "off")

Both my kids have blogs and this was posted on Manda's last Wednesday:

I hope all goes well for my mom tonight. She has a meeting with Pastor Bryan. A couple weeks ago we had dome people from new oraleans come to preach at our church. It was so wrong ... just wrong! The chick was calling herself profetess, and the guy was calling himself apostle. Like i said ... wrong. We are a Christian Reformed church. Not an apostic church. What did they think they were doing ... and the chick spent more time at the polpet then the pastor did it seemed like ... she said 5 minutes and went on for half an hour. and then she "imparted" the gift of profecy onto our pastors wives. Only God can gives us our gifts. And Pastor Dave is going down the same path they are. oh and "Apostle" Sherman L. Shelton told us something along the lines of God put our Pastors in authority we should submit to their authority and follow them even if they're leading us in the wrong direction. Thats the dumbest (i dont think thats even a word) thing i've ever heard! but my mom is going tonight to talk to Pastor Bryan about it, i really do hope all goes well and he understands and acts on her complaints ... GO MOM!

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