Here’s the thing…(or rather think-lings)

Blogger doesn't support trackback. I installed a special "thingie" that comes from a different place (haloscan) that does support trackbacks for Blogger, but I have never attempted to use it.

So it's very ironic that (for the first time), a comment to Thinklings got lost in their spam filter. I seem to be disorganizationally challenged today and the address that I used to email De/Bill came back to me as undeliverable.

The irony is that the post I was commenting on was on posting etiquette and was politely asking folks to use trackbacks...I was telling them that Blogger doesn't support trackbacks...

Anyway, this is a very long way of saying that this is a post that I'm posting for the express purpose of finally figuring out how to use that pesky little trackback thingie. Or for the alternate express purpose of hoping a Thinkling happens to stop by and help me...


(note: I tried to do the trackback thing (and haloscan said the ping went through) but it doesn't show up on Thinklings...NEED GEEK HELP!)

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