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How many blogs do I read regularly?
A lot. I use firefox and read them in tabs so I have them in categories. Most of them I just take a look at and see if there's anything new.

How many are written by women? By men? I think about half and half.

Are they all Christian? How about the same denomination? No and no.
I have a number of blogs by "special needs" families, educational, political blogs, diets/recipes. And 24.
Of the blogs that are Christian, the blogs by men are primarily reformed, the blogs by women are a real mixed bag.

What kind of posts do you like best? Posts that make me think. Iron sharpens iron and if I have to think to defend my belief, I either come away solid or changed.

What kinds of posts are you most likely to comment on? about 1/3 each encouragement, informational and controversial (although I've been trying real hard to not go to another person's blog and join in a controversy on the opposite side of the host - unless they invite it. I love debates, but have been trying to enter on the host's side)

What makes you add a blog to your favorites list/bloglines? Or conversely, what drives you away from a blog?
I add a blog to my favorites list if it engages my brain.
If all I read is "fluff", I take it off.

What's your favorite kind of post to write?
The theological things that are pertaining to me, or a friend, right now (or what I'm reading right now) are the posts that I enjoy sinking my teeth into.

What do you think is your biggest strength blogwise? Biggest weakness?
I don't know. I think my biggest strength is that I seem to have about 50/50 men and women, so it's a broader audience (so to speak)
Maybe my biggest weakness is trying to make a big post when I don't have big stuff to say.

What do you want to change, if anything, about the way you blog?
I think I'd like to not care about the numbers. I've never been "nominated" and have only been "invited" a couple of times. My readership is very small.

Or, I'd like to big. Either one.

How many times a day do you say the word blog? Quite a lot, actually. I'm constantly referring people at work to this blog or that, especially political and special needs.

How many bloggers have you met in real life - not counting the ones you knew before they started blogging? One.

Were they what you expected from reading their blogs? Got any interesting stories? Yes.

Is there anything you'd like to see change here at Blestwithsons? Nope.

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  1. Got any interesting stories... and she just says "yes" and leaves it at that.'re a cold cruel woman, you are!

    hee hee hee

    Thanks for playing!

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