losing my bookmarks…

I'm posting this because I'm not the only one - and this isn't the first time for me...and now I'll remember where I have the information tucked away.

Firefox crashed and I lost half of my bookmarks

So, here's how a friend told me how to get them back...

Close firefox
go to

my computer
-> C Drive
-> -> Documents and Settings
-> -> -> my file
-> -> -> -> Application data
-> -> -> -> -> mozilla
-> -> -> -> -> -> firefox
-> -> -> -> -> -> -> profiles
-> -> -> -> -> -> -> -> whatever that file name is .default
-> -> -> -> -> -> -> -> -> bookmarkbackups
-> -> -> -> -> -> -> -> -> -> pick the most recent one with all of your bookmarks (probably the largest one)

either "crtl + c" or "edit" then "copy" to copy that backup.html

go back up the chain one level to "whatever that file name is .default" and delete the current copy of "bookmarks.html".

"edit" the "paste" the old file

change the name of the file to bookmarks.html (the same as what the old one was named)

open firefox and see if it worked.

If you had lost all of your bookmarks, you shouldn't be any worse off than you were...if it works, it saves a lot of grief.

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2 thoughts on “losing my bookmarks…

  1. Hi Ellen,

    I'm going to give it a try--but not til morning. My brain is fried.

    Your directions are very simple and easy, though.

    I'll let you know how it goes!


    PS: I am going to add a link to your post in mine once I get this all figured out.

    Thank you!

  2. I must be doing something wrong because when I launched my browser, I only had the handful of things that I had restored. I was able to open up my backup bookmarks file, though, and once I saw all the bookmarks in there, I decided that rather than import all of them (many are outdated and I simply don't need them) I will go through and choose which ones I really need to move to my new settings and then keep a copy of the rest of them to a CD so that if I do need to find an old one, I have the means to do it.

    So, thank you for your help! It really did make it possible to find my bookmarks back up and now I will (eventually) be able to have a "leaner, meaner" bookmark set up and still hang on to the old ones!

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