How I Named My Blog…

The request is going around to explain blog names...

For years I was Mrs. "so and so" - I worked in schools, so that was my title and that's what kids called me at church.

And then, I wasn't a "Mrs." anymore - technically, I guess that's my "official" title, but I'm not- not really.

But - (gee) I had been married for 23 years and I have two kids; I'm not exactly a "miss" either!

So, year ago I needed a different Yahoo! ID and since the kids at school had been calling me "ms" I tried out "Ms Ellen".  It was taken; but MzEllen was not!

By default, I was now MzEllen on Yahoo! It seems that variation is not common, so it's worked everywhere else also - this is a good thing.

That's the "MzEllen" part.

The "& Co." part came around because simple "MzEllen" sounded kind of lame.  Every once in a great while, one of my kids will make a post, so that makes us a group (sort of) and since a lot of my blog involves my family (and we are quite a company), the "& Co." part just sort of sounded about right.

That's the "& Co." part.

Not very dramatic, but (in my loftier moments) I think that my blog speaks for itself...the name identifies, it doesn't describe.  Like me, sometimes it sort of defies description...

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