“On the Road” – Saturday Photo Scavenger Hunt

Yes, there really is a Hidden Valley Ranch.

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13 thoughts on ““On the Road” – Saturday Photo Scavenger Hunt

  1. LOL when I read the sign I thought boy that name is familiar, then I read what else you said and clued in. Great shot, thanks for letting us know that a Hidden valley ranch really exists. 🙂

  2. That's "Morro Bay" Phil (I went to high school there) and you're right! I used to live in Cambria, and worked at a winery in Paso Robles, driving past this entrance every day. If it's not that one, it sure does look the same. How'd you get this picture, Ellen? Very cool!! 🙂

  3. Phil

    Gwynne: You're wright. And my mispeling of "Morro Bay" is dubble embarasing since I inkluded a linc to the ofishal websight 🙂

  4. Thanks all...I've been at my mom and dad's house (dial up and all that).

    Gwynne, I was there a couple of weeks ago with a very dear friend.

  5. Really?! Did you say "Hi" my mother? 😉 I had no idea you were there (did I miss a post?)! It's such a small world. Does your friend live there?

    Phil, you're forgiven. 😉

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