Beginnings and Endings

In a couple of months (well, 99 days, according to the counter on her blog), my youngest turns 18. We've "rushed" things a bit, she dropped out of public school in order to "homeschool" - which means she's taking college classes as a "senior" in high school.

My dearest friend tells me that I'm going to be the empty-nester to end all empty nesters. Yeah. I miss my son and he still lives here! Our schedules are not meshing very well and I just don't get to see him much.

But, there is a beauty in growing up - I may soon be coming to the end of my role as a parent to these two young people and they're my report card as a parent.

My kids are growing up. They both go to college and they both have jobs.

chicago 031Tom laughs at me laughing at him. We had some really rough years; Tom figuring out how to be a man without a man in his life was hard. But he's becoming grown to be a man and my prayer is that he'll find the right young woman and be the right man and Godly leader.

He seldom goes to church with me on Sunday mornings; his job keeps him up very late at night and he's very (VERY) faithful about meeting with his college group on Tuesday evenings. I think that next semester he'll be able to back off on hours at work and be more regular at church. But I like that he's faithful about the Christian group that he has committed to.
Manda waterfallAnd then there's Manda...also looking for a way to be "Manda". She wants to be a youth leader...or maybe work with animals...or maybe...

Amanda is "interesting"...and my prayer for her is that she find a Godly leader who will take care of her and who will let her take care of him.

I guess the best way to describe it is that I like my kids. Not just "love" them (although I do love them beyond words). I really like them.

There is a beauty to seeing them grow up, even if it means the ending of my "nest".

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6 thoughts on “Beginnings and Endings

  1. I'm at a similar stage of life and I think that one of life's greatest blessings is to raise them up to adulthood (or near adulthood) and find that not only do you love them, you LIKE them!

  2. The older my son gets, the more importance I see in "liking" him in addition to "loving" him. I am years from where you are with my children, but it wasn't that long ago that I was on the other side of it, as a child.

    Liking our children can be just as important as loving them. I'm grateful to have learned that lesson early on.

  3. Phil

    No, I never said you'd be "the empty-nester to end all empty nesters." I said you'd be "the empty-nester from Hell." As in, you'd be the sobbing, moping, poster-child-for-prozac, cry-at-the-animal-shelter-commercials emotional mess; falling apart at the sight or mere thought of your kids' rooms all emptied out.

  4. My parents are empty nesters. All four of us have flown, 2 to other parts of the country and 2 still in London. With us it happened in stages though over about 6 years. I think they quite like having the house to themselves! But we will never ever stop needing them as our parents, so I think it is a role change rather than a role end. 🙂

  5. I'm not looking forward to this day! But I am sure God sends grace and prepares us to empty the nest.

    Your children look lovely!

    Thanks for stopping by--I'm always happy to "talk". Sounds like you know what I'm talking about in some ways.

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