(With the name removed to make things interesting...but those who know...know)

"...is adopting a "literalistic" reading of the Bible when he takes Paul's 2,000-year-old words as proof for all time that the Supreme Being --!(#%&#)@*$(&%--.

"It's the same process of logic that leads to supporting slavery," -$*@$&%- said, noting that the apostle of Jesus also did not oppose slavery.

"It's important for people to understand that the holy scriptures is a very nuanced document. I think we need to allow people room to come to a new understanding,"

Not applicable for all time, same process that leads us to supporting slavery.

Question: is this an egalitarian supporting women in the pulpit? Or an Anglican supporting homosexual marriage?

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2 thoughts on “QOTD

  1. Sue

    Oh wow and here I thought you never read my blog. So the connection of servant leader and servant helper was not just an accident. Thanks for the tip.

    This was an Anglican supporting homosexual marriage. No one I know. I am not taking sides on this because I know too much about both. Very unpleasant all around. I posted without comment.

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