What a Difference Eight Months Makes…

and (of course) the political party...

(from a blog comment: "This not-so-subliminal image of the cross was very deliberate. This guy is like McCarthy, Hitler & George Wallace trying to pass himself off like a boyscout leader.... This guy could actually end up being worse the GW Bush...."

From Peggy Noonan:  I love the cross. The sight of it, the fact of it, saves me, literally and figuratively. But there is a kind of democratic politesse in America, and it has served us well, in which we are happy to profess our faith but don’t really hit people over the head with its symbols in an explicitly political setting, such as a campaign commercial, which is what Mr. Huckabee’s ad was.

And then there's Mr. Obama.

(Edit:  I think this may be where the "sidebar" issue is)

From CBN: The Obama campaign has consistently believed that their candidate can compete for the “religious vote”. A lot has been made about how Obama hasn’t done as well with Catholics compared to Clinton. But let’s remember one thing: Obama has a story to tell about how Jesus came into his life. You can bet we will be hearing more details about it on the stump in the fall. (if Obama is the nominee)

(and Huckabee didn't?)












the next post down...)

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One thought on “What a Difference Eight Months Makes…

  1. This guy is like McCarthy, Hitler & George Wallace trying to pass himself off like a boyscout leader….

    I never got that sense of him, 'though I was willing to bet he wasn't as nice as he seemed. But "nice guys" don't make good presidents, imo. Maybe not as "bad" as GW but possibly as bad as Jimmy Carter ... and for the same reason.

    As for the bottom picture, from a Catholic perspective, it's unusual for a layperson to be in the pulpit. So, I don't see that bottom ad flying very far with Catholics - it depicts Obama as a usurper of clerical authority.

    My two cents ...

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