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Godwin's Law: "As a Usenet discussion grows longer, the probability of a comparison involving Nazis or Hitler approaches one."
MzEllen's Law: "As an internet discussion grows longer, the probability of a comparison involving Islam or Muslims approaches one."

Godwin wrote: "Although deliberately framed as if it were a law of nature or of mathematics, its purpose has always been rhetorical and pedagogical: I wanted folks who glibly compared someone else to Hitler or to Nazis to think a bit harder about the Holocaust,"

Well, when a person compares [something] to Islam, I'd like them to think a bit harder about

  • female circumcision
  • honor killings
  • forced arranged marriages
  • beheadings for being raped.
  • being stoned to death for pre-marital intercourse.
  • being killed by your father for dating the wrong boy
  • being stabbed by your brother for going to a dance club

I want you to think a bit harder about those things.
Again, MzEllen's Law (if it's out there someplace else, let me know!)

"As an internet discussion grows longer, the probability of a comparison involving Islam or Muslims approaches one."

From Wiki:

The concept appears to have entered the public consciousness more broadly, as well. In 2005, the aphorism was the subject of a question in the British television quiz show University Challenge. By 2007, The Economist had declared that "a good rule in most discussions is that the first person to call the other a Nazi automatically loses the argument." And in October 2007, the "Last Page" columnist in The Smithsonian stated that when an adversary uses an inappropriate Hitler or Nazi comparison, "you have only to say 'Godwin's Law' and a trapdoor falls open, plunging your rival into a pool of hungry crocodiles."

"As an internet discussion grows longer, the probability of a comparison involving Islam or Muslims approaches one."

Okay...the mother kidnapped, abused, neglected, disappeared...

and the father is PRESENT, but the kids are under the "supervision" of the Welfare Office.   The default custody is generally to the mother...even a kidnapper, abuser, neglecter...

A MOTHER who abandoned her two young daughters with friends in Cyprus is believed to be in her homeland Holland.

Dutch police are now searching her previous addresses to serve her with a summons, after an arrest warrant was issued in Cyprus for serious child abuse and neglect.

The two girls, aged nine and 11, are now with their father, Gerard Roppeveel, and under the protection of the Cyprus Social Welfare Office.

According to Annita Koni, the Head of the Welfare Office’s Family and Child Service, “The Department has already taken the appropriate measures to protect the children and they are in a safe place under our supervision.” (...)

The story came to light when a friend of the family – who frequently took the little girls in to feed, wash and clothe them – contacted the Cyprus Mail and recounted the girls’ awful plight.

She was appalled that crippling bureaucracy procedures were preventing Roppeveel from taking his daughters back home, so they could live “a stable and secure life”. (...)

Courts in Cyprus are hesitant to allow Roppeveel to leave the island as the mother is not present. They are also having trouble trying to get the girls’ passports as they disappeared with their mum, when she left Cyprus over a month ago, leaving her children with the family friend.

According to the Chairman of the House Legal Affairs Committee, Ionas Nicolaou of DISY, there are specific procedures that need to be followed for a father to be able to secure a court order for full custody in the absence of the mother.

“The father must prove that the mother has abandoned her children,” he explained. “You can’t remove custody from a mother without following specific procedures. He must see a lawyer and start these proceedings.”


MzEllen Reads:  "Save the Males:  why men matter, why women should care" by Kathleen Parker.


Next up:

Yet another false rape cry.

Clearfield police said a teenage girl's claims that she was raped in the middle of a church parking lot in broad daylight are false.

In a statement sent to the Deseret News on Friday, Clearfield Assistant Police Chief Greg Krusi said laboratory test results and other evidence analyzed did not match up with the girl's claims about being attacked.

"The juvenile was formally interviewed again by investigators at which time she admitted to fabricating the story due to personal issues occurring in her life," Krusi wrote.

At least this one wasn't aimed at a real person whose life could be ruined by a "wolf" cry.


And...the most offensive site of the week:

Since I followed a couple of links to this site, and the sites that I followed to it are full-egalitarian (and don't seem to much care that "soft-complementarian" is different than "hard-patriarchy"...I really have no clue whether a Godly man who leads his home and church is equivalent (in the eyes of this blog-writer) to the taliban, Hitler and those who kill their daughters for dating the wrong man.

If a picture is worth a thousand words...this says volumes about what the  posters of this logo think about those who disagree with them on the gender issue.

In the spirit of the above link (NOT), here are a few things to ponder...

"Muslim "judge" rules kidnapped Christian girls "converted to Islam and cannot return home"

Two girls (ages 10 and 13) are kidnapped by a Muslim "fruit vendor" who turned them over to a friend, who organized a "marriage".  Here's the thing...

The girls' uncle does not conceal his preoccupation, and denounces to AsiaNews that the Muslims involved in the kidnapping are acting as a "gang", recruiting the girls in order to "make them work in a bordello". This alarm has also been heard by the Catholic commission for justice and peace (NCJP) in the country, which confirms the words of Khalid Raheel: the kidnappers are believed to be human traffickers linked to prostitution, known to the police and under the protection of some local politicians.


New York:  Muslim stabs his sister because she was a "bad Muslim girl"

Infuriated because his younger sister was going to clubs, wearing immodest clothing and planning to leave her family for a new life in New York City, Waheed Allah Mohammad stabbed her outside their Henrietta home, prosecutors allege.Afterward, he told Monroe County sheriff's investigators that he attacked his sister because she had disgraced their family and was a "bad Muslim girl," according to court documents.

Mohammad, 22, is scheduled to appear Friday in Monroe County Court on charges of attempted second-degree murder and first-degree assault in the May 8 attack on Fauzia A. Mohammad, 19.


Remember these two girls?

"Contrary to the Atlanta Journal-Constitution headline, he didn’t actually say he was innocent. He said he had done nothing wrong. That’s not the same thing. According to an earlier story on this case, he confessed to killing his daughter, and explained that he had done it to cleanse his family’s honor. When he appeared before the judge, it is unlikely that he changed this story. He just said he didn’t do anything wrong. And by the lights of the Islamic culture from which he comes, which thinks that a father killing a daughter who has sullied his family’s honor is perfectly justified, he indeed hasn’t done anything wrong. "

Here's something new:

A popular Hamas children's television program shows a giant bunny character who is lured into stealing money — and then is sentenced by a child host to have his hand chopped off.

Oh wait, that's not very "new", Muslims have also made anti-Semitic children's programs as well.

Contrary to "popular belief", complementarians do not teach that it's "nothing wrong" to kill their daughters, sell them to prostitution rings or stab them for going to clubs.  Nor do we make children's shows that encourage amputations as punishment for minor crimes.

To those who are attempting the comparison between godly male leadership in Islam.  NOT HELPFUL.

Another set of "black and white" twins!  (although being a fan of a certain adult beverage, I'd most likely call them "black and tan".




"No Subpar Food for Senators"

The Senate restaurants, which include not just the stately Senate dining room in the Capitol but a huge cafeteria and coffee shops scattered in the two-building Senate compound, have lost $18 million since 1993 and are slated to lose $2 million this year.

Without an immediate $250,000 subsidy from the taxpayers, they won't be able to make payroll next month. The restaurants have lost money for 37 of the 41 years they have been in “business,” but the taxpayers have made up the difference.

The food in the Senate eateries is “noticeably subpar,” said California Sen. Dianne Feinstein, who, as chair of the Senate's Rules and Administration Committee, supervises these culinary/fiscal horrors.

MY favorite quote?

And the Senate that knows it can't even run a restaurant will soon vote to have the government run health care.




File under:  Look, mom...it followed me home...can I keep it?

A woman checking her laundry Wednesday afternoon found an 8-foot-long snake wrapped around the clothes inside the washing machine at her Gorham home.


The pope would not have been impressed

(personally, I like snakes - the big ones...I don't like surprises)



Global COOLING?!?!?

Late last month, some leading climatologists and meteorologists met in New York at the Energy Business Watch Climate and Hurricane Forum. The theme of the forum strongly suggested that a period of global cooling is about emerge, though possible concerns for a political backlash kept it from being spelled out.

However, the message was loud and clear, a cyclical global warming trend may be coming to an end for a variety of reasons, and a new cooling cycle could impact the energy markets in a big way.




(mostly) "clean" (the only off-color one was "roof sex" and that involved furniture.  The part that made it worth watching was the apartment owner getting after the cat for scratching up the furniture).  "Western Spaghetti" is wonderful!



Photo of the week: