Found on a blog…I concur

In the next twelve months, I want to believe for more than I believed for in 2009. I want to reach harder and burn hotter than I did in 2009.  Should someone want to write my story at the end of my days, I want them to stare at January 1, 2010 wondering “What in God’s name happened to him then?’

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One thought on “Found on a blog…I concur

  1. rick

    Here is your start for Jan 1, 2010!

    Topic: Give up the Ghost!

    I was Googling up on my search with tongues, etc and decided to stop by and take a look around in here! I noticed two things, your 2010 requests and at one time you had been really interested in the subject of tongues! I'm leaving you with somethings I hope you'll ponder on about for a long time! This comes from my interpretation of God after my experience with tongues and interpretation. Discernment ended up being my greatest gift and it comes from our minds not a gift of the spirit! God, is not a spirit! The word of god,all our experiences with god, has comes from a spirit! Not God! Test all spirits and that means testing the holy spirit! I did and you eventually come to this conclusion that your worshiping a spirit, that's not God to me! I'm and ex-christian who gave up the ghost!

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