Daily Archives: January 3, 2010

The old guy went to live with Amanda.  I was a little worried that he would not do very well.  He hid under her bed for 2 hours, then in the basement for 2 days.

We think that he might have been planning his strategy.

Now I'm told that he's the new alpha-cat in the house.  And doing pretty well at it.


GOAL: Post every day

grace-note - okay to miss three days a month

Objective:  Stick (loosely) to the schedule.

  • I posted a loose schedule a few months ago that has worked pretty well

Objective:  Make my blog known

  • Post on "hot topics" that will attract search engines
  • Post comments on other blogs that I already read and enjoy, although through my blog reader.

Objective:  Make my blog "worth it"

  • Use MzEllen.com to blog my way through books, devotionals, podcasts and life.