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This photo reminded me of my grandfather. Unless he was going to church, he wore bib overalls - he even had a hat like this one.

The last time I was in the barn on the farm where I grew up, there was still a plow a lot like this one and one of the harnesses is at my dad's house.

I could sit in the tire swing and look across the yard and see an apple orchard (like this tree) and across a field (like this one) and see a woods (like in this photo).

This is like where I grew up...for a frame of reference, here is a satellite picture of my dad's house:

In the lower left, you can see four houses in a row - the top one is my Grandparent's farmhouse, then below that is my aunt's house (it wasn't there when I was growing up) and then my mom and dad's house.

We still go there - my cousin owns the farmhouse now and one of the aunt's that built the little house in the middle passed away last year. My mom and dad are still there and another cousin owns a house down the road.

There are relatives all over the place, it seems that everybody is related to somebody...

Running across that photo just reminded me...

I don't think I could/would live that life now, but it was a good life growing up. We didn't have much money, but most of the time, it didn't seem to matter; love made up for it. There may not have been much "stuff", but there was always plenty of food and love. And books...no matter what, there was always money for books - even if we got them at garage sales...

A lot of books...

"In the United States culture has transformed Christ, as well as all other religions found within these shores. In every aspect of the religious life, American faith has met American culture—and American culture has triumphed."

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That last line struck me..."American faith has met American culture—and American culture has triumphed."

The world brings us feminism and we have feminized churches.

The world brings us technology and churches no longer have hymnals.

The world brings us video games and our shortened attention span demands 65 minute church services.
Another quote:

"We find ourselves in a culture that defines our relationships and actions primarily through a matrix of consumption. As the philosopher Baudrillard explains, “Consumption is a system of meaning.” We assign value to ourselves and others based on the goods we purchase. One’s identity is now constructed by the clothes you wear, the vehicle you drive, and the music on your iPod. In short, you are what you consume."

I found these on line a few weeks ago:

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