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Thirteen Things about Ellen
13 things I missed (or didn't miss) while the electricity was off:I missed:

  1. my alarm clock with the snooze
  2. the refrigerator
  3. the washer and dryer
  4. the window fans
  5. lights at night
  6. my computer

I didn't miss:

  1. the microwave
  2. the tv
  3. the video game
  4. my cell phone (I charged it in the car)

Things we did that we normally didn't do:

  1. go to McDonald's at midnight to get a cold drink (and charge my cell phone)
  2. read more books
  3. eat out (in the air conditioning)

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Thursday's are usually a busy day for me (but not over the summer) - so I don't do "Thankful Thursday" often.

But today...

I'm thankful for:

  • Electricity - we have it
  • The folks that worked 24 hours a day, and the folks that came from surrounding states to work 24 hours a day in order to get that electricity turned back on.
  • Family
  • A weekend away (with family)
  • My new Bible (yesterday I bought the ESV Journaling Bible with very wide margins to write in)
  • My new reading glasses (to read above new Bible)