Daily Archives: July 12, 2006


I read Mark Driscoll's blog daily - there are problems that I have with Driscoll, but he still has a lot of very good things to say. I have massive problems with his stand on divorce and remarriage, but on gender relations he's very good.

Anyway, I read his blog yesterday and he had reprinted (with permission) an article from revmagazine.com. (ok - an aside, one of the resource links was " Group's Sermon Sparks: Build effective sermons, cast vision, show the need for friendship with Jesus, and point to biblical guidelines for friendship." Jesus calls us friend, but we need Jesus as Lord and Saviour!)

Back to my sticking point: This chart was in the article:

Largest Denominations in the USA
At 67.3 million members, the Roman Catholic Church is the USA’s largest denomination. The next largest (in millions):
Southern Baptist Convention 16.4
United Methodist Church 8.3
Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints 5.5
Church of God in Christ 5.4
National Baptist Convention USA 5.0
Evangelical Lutheran Church in America 5.0


RevMagazine lists "Church of Latter Day Saints" as the fourth largest "denomination". If the chart had kept going, would they have listed "Muslims" as well? How about Hindus?

I wish that Driscoll had made a point of saying that (while there are a lot of Mormons out there) they are not Christians!

During a time when Mormons want to be seen as "mainstream Christian" and Christians appear to want to blur the lines - we need to stand up and say,

"Mormons should not be on this chart - they are not a denomintion, they are a non-Christian religion."

Until we are brave enough to stand and proclaim Christ as part of the Trinity (yes, I have stood up and said that anti-Trinitarians are not saved) the Mormons, the anti-Trinitarians, and other non-Christian religions that want to "appear" Christian will make constant inroads until they are accepted as Christians.

When we have major Christian preachers posting articles without making the point, it makes it easier to accept the "change".

We need to stand. We need to make a stand.

(I know that this article was reprinted and that these were not Driscoll's words, but they were printed on his blog)