Daily Archives: July 28, 2006


Here is what Manda wrote on her blog:

I hate yellow squash

Earlier in the summer I was so sure my watermelon plant had died. I was so excited when it started growing back ... after all the time I've spent taking care of it when it came back turns out it was a yellow squash plant. My theory is that it was the squash that killed it in the first place. I never planted the squash but the packet of seeds was sitting out there it must have fallen into the garden area and after lots of rain some seeds might have come out. When the squash started to grow so close to my water melon plant they killed it. That's my theory, I'm just so disappointed that I thought my watermelon was back and really healthy (this plant in the garden is huge) and I turned out that its something disgusting like yellow squash. mom said she would buy me a watermelon for eating and we would grow a new plant in a large pot in the back yard next spring.

She's accusing the yellow squash of killing her watermelon plant!

Unlike the woman on drudge who says her kids are boring...mine are NOT!