Daily Archives: July 3, 2006

(Early in the afternoon )

I figured out how to uplead a "theme" - of the ones I found on line, this is the one I liked, but there was some weirdness getting it uploaded. I've already altered it a little bit - please let me know what you all think (one thing I'm not sure about is how the width looks on different monitors - I have a really big one and whether or not the sidebar looks better on the left or the right) - never mind, I went back to the original.

I also have to figure out how to make sure the sidebar looks the same on all the pages (it does now, except for "pages", but with the last template when I changed the sidebar it only changed for one page) - as good as it's gonna get.
I also have to rediscover the blogrolls I'm on and get the new code...it's a good thing I'm off work for a couple of weeks!

Next, I'm going to go shopping! And take a few photos.

Then, I'll edit the sidebar)

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