Daily Archives: August 1, 2006

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It was hot, so we moved outdoors (late at night). There is a streetlamp across from our house and I was sitting in the porch chair watching all of the insects swarming around it. (That is sort of cool, since that meant they were not swarming around me.)

Here's the neat part: I saw a really BIG bug - and realized very quickly that I was watching a bat swoop around getting dinner! (Kind of like going to the food court at the mall)

I've always said that bats are the "good guys". One park ranger out west told us that one bat, in one night, will eat a whole grocery bag full of mosquitoes. That's a GOOD guy!

I used to have a bat house in my backyard - until a woodpecker started putting a hole in it. Maybe I should hang it up again.