Daily Archives: August 9, 2006


What a yummy topic! Fetch a cup of hot cocoa and enjoy the lineup for this week's Carnival of Beauty; the Beauty of Chocolate:

Amanda from following an unknown path makes a few chocolate confessions.

Keziah decides that chocolate is actually good for our bodies and souls! Read "The Beauty of Chocolate: The Divine Drink" at her blog, "A Woman who Fears the Lord."

After giving up chocolate for two years in a row for Lent, Michele at Chasing Contentment has a new perspective on her favorite food and her Cocoa Haze.

Loni at "Finding JOY in the Morning" shares the Beauty of Chocolate as a sign of pregnancy when she cannot eat chocolate .

"It calls, so we dance then at the dawn I need bigger pants." Blair has great difficulty finding the beauty in Chocolate. To her it is an epic battle between moderation and overindulgence as she scribbles The Lure of the Cocoa Bean.

Deb at Mountain Musings recently ate her first Dove Dark Chocolate and discovered it was good for your health but then decided to stick with her daughter's often-baked chocolate delights. Read more in "Got Chocolate?"

And last, Ellen at MzEllen & Co. waxes historical in "mmmmm...chocolate...", remembering that people have been enjoying chocolate for 2,000 years!